What’s “jNavi” ?

Thank you for your interests in j Navi.

j Navi is multi-lingual information website created for people from other countries those who stay in Japan.

j Navi has overwhelming information communicability as one of the features. Especially to foreign people who works in Japan, they may have a lot of thing they don’t know “What/How to do ” such as Visa acquisition, Tenants, Life style, Tax, Social insurance and so on. j Navi tries to clarify them and provide information and contents simply in multiple languages. In addition, for making opportunities to get to know more about Japan, we provide and update attractive contents such as Japanese news, cultural and educational knowledge and Japanese learning methods on j Navi.

For the future, j Navi aim for being the one and only by creating the tools together with great cooperation from all people get involved with Japan and Japanese supportive company. Please kindly support us for creating and navigating to better Japanese society for people from other countries.

As to related website “yoiwork” is a database for Asian job seekers who look for jobs in Japan. yoiwork posts over 1,000 job descriptions every month. The job descriptions are written in not only Japanese but also English, Vietnamese and other multiple languages so it enables job seekers to find a job easily even if you are not good at Japanese. If you are searching for a job in Japan, please take advantage of yoiwork in your activities.

yoiwork is eager to be strong bridge between foreign workers in Japan and the companies which have plan for recruiting. This is all for foreign workers, we will do our best to make a comfortable environment for their jobs in Japan and improve our services and supports frequently and faithfully.